Arrow TV Show : Episodes 1-6

Okay let’s casually talk Arrow this season thus far
. If you wish to not read everything just scroll down and pick an episode, they’re all mostly quick thoughts. Enjoy.

Episode. 1)

Now Arrow starts off in the most yeah-this-wont-last-long scene with Oli and Felicity living that white picket fence life. Ya know that guy who used to be a playboy, then turned killer, then turned vigilante? Yeah he trades cooking options now. You know I would have enjoyed Oliver having a much needed break but there was nothing that would lead us to believe he actually enjoyed this boring nonsense. Come to think of it… What does Oliver like to do for fun? I mean really, he had a party guy’s past life but now that he’s older did we establish what he calls fun? Anyway, the poor man’s Defenders(Speedy, Diggle and Laura) are getting wrecked by this group of well trained, armed men called the ghosts.

So Oli and Felicity have to come back and help the team. Since Arrow can use the Felicity plot device to find mostly anyone, they now have the Cisco plot device from the Flash TV show to provide Oliver with a new outfit more akin to the comic counterpart.


Here we come across the most annoying factor of the first few episodes… Diggle. Okay I’m sure we all know that the Arrow took Digg’s family during the last season when he was pretending to be brainwashed. The plan was to seem evil in order to keep the act up. Since then, Digg has not let anything go and well I can understand that, its his wife and kid. However when the city is dying and he is getting his butt whooped, he claims they do not need Oliver’s help. So blah blah, “cant trust you” blah blah “guess we have no choice”. They finally reconcile in order to fight against the new villain, a well dressed supernatural, businessman named Damien Darhk. I’m glad Digg got over his issue quickly enough and side note – what’s with the helmet? It’s literally something the director’s kids put together and just gave it to him wasn’t it? I’m waiting on him to stand over Darth Vader’s destroyed helmet and mumble, “I will finish… what you have started.”

The Arrow Team (minus Lance)
Okay this is where we fast forward


So since then, we’ve been introduced to Thea’s blood lust issue and now she likes to “Hulk-Smash” people to the point of death if no one stops her. Here I love Diggle’s reply to this when Oli asks about it, he pretty much just says, “Yeah she gets a little heated during battle.” A little?! She just punched a unconscious guy several times until his face was bloody! But you know how women are! She goes to Malcolm-mustache-twirling-Merlin for help but he just forces her to kill two of his men to sate the blood lust. Gotta admit, that would be the fatherly thing to do. Wouldn’t it be great be a son of Merlin and say, “Hey pops I just wish I had like a harem of hot women.” Then he would walk up to me and say, “There is nothing I wouldn’t do for my son, except my first one… yeah screw that kid but now there’s nothing I would do for my son!”

Ah yes, the two girls go to Malcolm to revive Sarah. It works, but she is crazy and even more thirsty for violence than Thea is; imagine that! Again, Laurel reaction to this just annoyed me, she’s bothered and panicking, “Somethings wrong with my sister!” Oh really?! It doesn’t matter because we’re gonna forget her for awhile because…pacing.

The new crib


Now Detective Lance is working with Darhk claiming he did not know that he was evil until it was too late. There was a nice scene between him and Oliver in episode four. Oliver found out and laid it in to him about how Lance was always judging him. Got to admit the hypocrisy was real but after Lance had his redemption he became a mole for team arrow. He later meets up with Felicity’s freaky mom so maybe he can get some much needed release to chill out.


Remember that thing with Sarah? – “Wait who?” – Sarah!  – “Oh yeah the big boobie blonde one… Wait, she was in this season?’

Zombie Canary

Well if you have forgotten, luckily Oli has a friend whom was shoe-horned into a flashback in the most unnatural way, and he’s come to help us! Honestly I didn’t mind the clunky introduction because I love the actor who plays Constantine. Enjoyed his episode but was bothered that he was barely in it. Such a waste of talent! Hopefully he gets more work in another venue.


So now we know for a fact Ray is alive (glad a trailer from another upcoming show didn’t spoil that for us) and he needs rescue. They use techno-babble to help get Ray out of the clutches of Damien Darhk. The only noteworthy thing here is now we need a contrived reason to make Oli and Felicity’s relationship questionable. Felicity (and I mean, out of nowhere!) starts being a total douche to Oliver who has been so overly compromising during the whole episode. She claims that she cannot get lost in Oliver, and that’s not who she is…I’m sorry what? You mean the same Felicity that’s been ultra-hyper-knee-deep-Sprite-quench-your-thirst for Oliver since season one, cannot get too lost in him!? I cant… Anyway they make up and it all works out but it’s just to remind you that this relationship will not be something long lasting.

I shall post Episode 7 review soon, thanks for hanging with me during the long post.


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