Jessica Jones Review A.K.A “Call me Impressed”

Alright! So let’s talk Jessica Jones in spoiler free fashion,

…Well I’ll try,

Now Jessica Jones(Krysten Ritter) started out a little odd for me because I was still stuck on the Daredevil hype and thus my expectations were sorely off. I’m not sure what I was expecting exactly, perhaps to be more thrilling and action packed. This is my fault entirely especially since I read a lot of the Alias comics and to be fair, action was not it’s primary focus. After I adjusted my expectations for a gritty, supernatural, detective story with a dash of Marvel flare I began enjoying myself. The first episode seemed a little slow until near the end when we learned just how high the stakes truly were.

Smile at the happy ending

So, Jessica Jones is woman with super strength, who tried the hero gig but it didn’t work out. How so, you ask? Well she bumped into a guy that could control minds, and lets just say her life was not her own for several months… So yeah, I would consider that, “not working out”.


We catch up with her after she has escaped his clutches. She went ahead and got her investigator licenses (stay in school kids) to fight crime in  a more modest, less “get wrecked” way. Jessica opened up a P.I firm called Alias; right off the back, you notice that this isn’t your classy heroine. No sir/ma’am(#equality) this one is practically a alcoholic, swears up a storm and is just a mess of a woman. It’s funny that I recently did a post about how the street heroes are taking over. JJ continues the trend by providing you with someone who is powerful but still vulnerable. The villain played by David Tennant, was excellent as Zebediah Killgrave. He’s a man who you would think – with his power – would channel the demeanor of Darth Sideous, but no! He’s a more realistic take on a someone whose never been denied anything by anyone . That kind of power spoils you, it separates the world from you and unless you’re Charles Xavier, it’ll rotten your core.

Kilgraves in the flesh


My prime criticisms were the odd flux in JJ’s powers. For one, any of her super feats such as high jumping and interacting with heavy things, came off awkward. Her strength would vary from being able to kill someone with a single punch to a woman who can just overpower a man or two (Talk about a woman’s struggle). The show’s intensity would jump up and down from episode to episode. This continued all the way to the climax, the show took some time to settle down, rose up and then…done.

Cue loony tunes music and Porky pig finish!

All in all, I enjoyed the show and was entertained. I didn’t mention Luke Cage (Mike Colter) because he’s pretty spoiler-filled but let’s just say I’m interested to see his show. I sincerely hope he has more of a demanding presence when his series comes on. That being said, he was a pivotal part in my favorite episode of the series.

This guy is about to get “Caged”

As I mentioned all month long, the character-centric episodes get me the most and I loved it. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s hoping for just a great show in general. It requires borderline no comic book knowledge beforehand and it still caters to those who are deep in the geek world.

See it on Netflix! Get some action! Get some intensity! Get some progressive interracial romance – I mean get some drama! You will not regret it! Here’s hoping for a season two!

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