Flash TV Recap: Episode 1-7

Just like Arrow, I’ve caught up with all my Flash episodes so lets dig in!

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Episode 1)

Flash stars off in first few episodes with a lot of progression. Well Barry is still stuck in I-need-a-reason-to-be-angsty therefore he tries to be a hero alone. I forgot exactly why he thought this was a good idea, I know he felt responsible for Eddie and Ronnie’s death. Well technically it was Eddie’s suicide therefore meaning he made a choice to do it but hey. At CW you’re not a hero unless you make everyone’s choices related to you, your fault. It never made sense what fighting crime alone would really accomplish,  I mean Cisco and Caitlin were never in the fights. They watched him from a distance and gave him help over com so who really is in danger? Anyway glad that pointless plot line ended quickly. The Reverse flash decides to leave a video after his death, admitting to his murder of Barry’s mother.

Not sure why, but he ends the video saying, “You wont be happy still”…. Sure. So his dad is released from prison! They throw a party welcoming him back to the outside life and with all the years missed from being Barry’s father, Henry Allen makes the decision to…. Leave….Like immediately. Seems like him and Goku have a lot in common. Honestly it just seems like the writers were done with that whole plot device and needed it gone.

Episode 2)

Jay Garick, the guy you’ve been waiting to see since you saw his helmet in season 1 has arrived! AND BOY….What a disappointment! He arrives powerless and only to be the fastest coward known to the series. I understand the guy is scared of the incoming villain, Zoom but at least show a spine when you’re afraid. Now I will not mention him much after this because from here on he continues to be Punk Boy the forever-whining  all the way up to episode seven. The only other noteworthy thing mentioning here is Patty Spivot being introduced and her being – the hottest girl on Flash.

Best Girl

Episode 3)

Love Captain Cold so much! I think it’s because he’s one of the few characters acting like a comic book character and as hammy as it is, I love when he’s on the show. We see the story with him, his sister and his father. The sister asks team Flash to save his brother which of course Cisco is all for. I’m hoping this Cisco/Golden Glider ship sails off, by the way. After all the hi-jinks, the showed neared its end then Captain suddenly got real dirty. When the Captain puts a pillar of ice in his own dad’s heart I was thinking oh wow, it just got real. Barry asked why did he do it, and even his last line was extra ham and cheesy but still badass: “He broke my sister’s heart. Only fair I break his.”

Episode 4)

Still with me? Cool! So Professor Stein is slowly becoming unstable due to him being so long without Rodney, his fusion partner. He fights his struggling racism(not really) as he can either have his new partner be the black guy whom is more well spoken but evil or the black thug youngling who never made the most of himself, but is a perfect match…Wellll… I dooont know, at least with the evil one I don’t have a sudden urge to keep checking for my wallet every five seconds. But of course they pick up the latter so the dynamic of two polar opposite can remain strong. They leave together to join a new show. The most boring episode this season in my opinion with two characters I care very little about.

Episode 5)

Barry runs into his old girlfriend Linda, but not the Linda from his Earth. It’s Earth Two Linda a.k.a Dr.Light and this chick is terrible at actually fighting. She cant hit Barry with single beam but has an 100% success rate with an her AOE blast that guarantees a knockdown. And yet… She decides that she wants to try out her pitiful beams against a guy moving so fast that he’s creating after images so you know… Just….Just….


He won…End episode.

Episode 6)

It was comedy hour with this episode as they try to lure Zoom out with a fake fight.Earth One Linda dresses up as Light and “defeats” the Flash which will then have Zoom come to verify the body. It was half corny and half charming honestly. It was cute but the whole show was kinda lackluster, honestly the episode dragged on, and on the –ZOOOM ENTERS!!!! Just when you thought it was over, the show became so epic! in fact, let Zoom tell how it went down…

“That’s right bitches! You thought the Zoomizzle would leave ya’ll hanging like that?! You thought I would fall for that dated act?! Flash! Flash! Bruh, you really want to come at me with the slow-motion commotion? Let me show you a trick my boy Bane taught me, POW – back broken. Stab! Speed force gone! Done!

Moving on–“SIKE! Zoom is never done! Let me pick you up by your collar like the boy you are, and punk you out to the whole city! I punked you out in front of your hoe and your hoe on delay! Then let me punk you out in front your Uncle Phil! Then let me punk you out in front of your Geeksquad friends back at your lab! Now pick your balls up where I left them, Zoom out!”

Got a Flash Scarecrow for sale!

And yeah…That’s it.

Episode 7)

Lastly after the thrashing Barry received, the last thing he needs is a super-powered Gorilla killing people and well, that just means it’s Wednesday in Central city! Grod has come back and he’s trying to make more smart gorillas. I guess procreation is already above his demeanor, I mean he could at least try and see if his kid has his intellect, oh well. They have Earth 2 Dr.Wells dress up and pretend to be the Reverse Flash. Short story, it didn’t work  but they managed to tranquilize and send him to Earth 2, where Gorilla city already exists! Da Dum Dum! And Scene!

So we’re all caught up now! Sorry for the long post, I will not have one of these for a long time so read a bit and come back if ya want. I’ll be doing a recap of the Crossover which should be much more focused.

Till next post.^^



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