Dear Felicity, “It’s about time”

So for those of you who follow Arrow, I’m sure you’ve seen the most recent episode which concluded with Oliver and Felicity riding home in a lovely happy-ending fashion. Somewhere along the way in their nice limo, they wandered into friggin old time Harlem. Black vans pulled up around them and blasted the car Boardwalk style! Oddly enough this was one of the most intense scenes of Arrow. We know Team Arrow has fought mystical and super powered beings but this was one of the few times they felt truly in danger. Moving on- Oliver shields her from the bullets like the G he is but she still gets shot and is not responding.

Then… I sat there… aloof to these burning emotions that swelled up inside my heart. My thoughts were blank as the color of purgatory and my lips slowly quivered from shock of reality that just birthed before me. My life’s story at that moment had only one defining word….


Oh no, Oh no! Wait, wait where are my keys?

Now many of you don’t know, there are two things that I don’t like about Arrow and both of those things are actresses. Felicity (Emily Rickards) is one of those persons, whom just never clicked once she became an love interest. Being a tech savvy girl who makes Oliver things? Sure. Have her be a part of the team and just eye hump Oliver when he works out? Love it. Be the overall MUCH NEEDED comedy and slowly turn into a close quirky friend of Oliver’s? Great progression! However, their chemistry is that of two hot people hooking up. Meaning? Okay, so lets say you go out on a double date with this couple. Both are just incredibly good looking and you’re there with your plain Jane but you love her because she’s matches you, you both read comics and she can cook. Then as the double date goes on you start to feel this lack of genuine connection between the hot couple, it feels sometimes like its forced. Now these are nice people and they may “love” each other but they’re just two hot people who got together because their hot and nice. It honestly doesn’t matter that they’re hot or not, it’s like Oliver ran out of women to smash and after his true love, *cough*Sarah*cough* died he just looked at the beautiful Felicity and thought, “Well by the laws of probability, this eventually was gonna happen.”

New Bitmap Image
Sexy and I fight? = Best Girl

I honestly thought Oli and Sarah had more chemistry. When they argued, she put her foot down, when pissed she made Oliver stand up and most of all she was someone who shared so much with him. They both had a horrible past due to their horrible mistakes and they had to live with it. They came from a rough journey through death and losing their humanity. When together they were to discover their humanity together, which would have been so amazing. Felicity hit a new low for me in season 3, where she became such a fear-consumed woman in the midst of fighters willing to stand up against the evil despite Oliver’s supposed death. While it was terrible writing for her character, the same writing that had Oliver surviving a sword to the chest and falling off a cliff; it’s still leaves a mark that wont go away.

All in all, I know her humor(which I enjoy) makes her a favorite love interest and all the geek girls would love to snag their Oliver Queen but I feel she is has been diminished since she became his girl. I actually still want her to be on the show just not this particular spot. The only problems now are:

1) I don’t believe she’s dead…like at all. (Especially with Oliver giving that  emotional award-winning performance during her supposed death.)

And 2. If she did die, then that would leave his love interest (because heroes in CW need romance for fillers) to be Laurel! And she is the number ONE annoyance I have with the show. So there is no win for me, maybe there is one for you. I

This scene was a lovely treat that will be snatched back from me on January 20th. Until then, lets remain in denial along with those people who want Barry to stay will Patty Spivot.

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