Suicide Squad and Deadpool: Excited and Confused

So let’s talk about the recent trailers that popped up on the interwebs!

Now I know everyone who’s owned a friggin bat-symbol shirt has gave their reviews and reactions to these trailers but to me I found the Suicide Squad and Deadpool trailers as a symbol of something even more pivotal.

I believe that symbol pierces the clouds and rains yells at the eyes of anyone who sees it screaming, “HEY!!!! LIGHTEN UP!!!”

I think Deadpool agrees

It’s odd, because you’d think after all the bright colors and cheery tones of the Marvel movies I would be begging for some darkness in the cinematic comic world. When I go back to Captain America: Winter Soldier, I immediately replay that first scene where Cap is just Falcon Kick’ing half the enemies on the boat. He kills quite a few men and just moves on because he’s used to it, he is a soldier. This actually was the right dose of darkness for me personally. Superman bores me to no end because of his “no kill” policy, yet he needs that policy in order to keep what small bit of intrigue his comics has relevant. This is because “what is a villain to a heartless Superman”? Yes, yes I’m sure you can name some villains he would have trouble putting down with all his might but that’s besides the point.

The point is the epicness is not in the brooding faces, it’s not in the annoying-please-stop colorless Instagram filters you put on movies and its definitely not how little to nothing happens until sundown. It’s the issues, the flaws of the hero, the flaws and issues of the people the hero is saving – heck a movie can be darker by giving the villain redeeming qualities. It’s unnerving knowing that this murderous fiend is someone we can relate to. By bringing us closer to him/her, that is dark in itself.

Bruce: “Clark, it’s raining and cold”….Clark: “Exactly Bruce!”

So I said all that to say this; Suicide Squad, a team full of murderers fighting to save their own lives, seem more spunky and fun than any movie focusing on the DC’s heroes! HOW?! How do you have these group of people, who should be downed by the worst offerings of the world, end up having more life than any DC hero?! Deadpool comes in and shows Wolverine just how hard it is to go through a movie with just a few pan-away shots of slicing. Deadpool takes his sword, slices a guy’s head off, and then kicks that head in the face of another guy! Deadpool is rated R, and decided to stay bright, to keep all the action visible and clear. The movie holds nothing back and tells you a story of how this would go down if real! He was introduced in the comics as a villain and evolved into someone who tends to be an anti-hero at best. He has no allegiance and does what he does for money and for his own goals. I can relate to that, yes he may be crazy and ugly to no end but I can reach him on a level even though he is a mercenary. However you have X-men Apocalypse strolling around with its “epic generic bag guy speech” from the antagonist. You have Mystique who just decided she will transform into friggin Candice from Hunger games…. and stay that way… Then we get few clips of everyone’s world falling apart due to Apocalypse’s arrival and at the end of the day, that trailer left me like, “okay cool”.

Look at those brooding heroes….It’s cute.

Trailers are trailers and they can skew a movie’s tone in any direction they wish, I know. However for some, Hollywood doesn’t want our heroes to be shown having any fun of any kind. No Timmy, Superman cannot smile! You think saving the world and having a hot reporter girlfriend is fun? Why is Batman’s alter ego just as brooding? Because he’s Batman that’s why! Why is Mystique putting on her best soulless Trinity(Matrix) impression throughout a trailer full of “BWONGS”? Because high stakes, so give us money!

In the end I am anticipating all these movies in one way or the other. However since heroes cant mix dark tones with anything else, I finding the movies where we’re rooting for the killers(Well I guess that sill includes Supes) more interesting. After all the trailers were said and done I couldn’t help but be confused. I’m more interested in seeing a movie with Captain Boomerang(pfft) and Slipknot(please look up his skills and laugh aggressively) over a movie with the DC Trinity! I hope S.S. does really well because this is a franchise that can exchange members at any time and it make perfect sense. I hope Deadpool does even better just so we can put this notion that R-rated comic book movies wont do well.

Well those are my thoughts, I’ll catch you all next time. Sub me or check out my small catalog of recent posts. Til’ next time^^.

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