DeadPool Movie Review: If only This Came Sooner

So…Man where do I start?

It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that this is one of my most anticipated movies of the year. For those who may not know, DeadPool was a project that Ryan Reynolds(playing Deadpool himself) has been trying to get green-lit for a long time. The movie stars Wade Wilson, a mercenary with a terrible sense of humor(terrible that it’s offensive but still funny) who is borderline insane, but has a sliver of humanity left in him. This humanity is enhanced when he meets a lovely stripper… prostitute….waitress? I’m not sure, she was either two or all three of those– moving on — but it turns out she is just as messed up as he is and they hit it off. They become an item until Wade is hit with cancer from the blindside. Now Wade rather not drag his girl down with him, so as he’s about to ditch his beloved he gets an invitation to not only cure him but give him super powers. Well with a 2-for-1 deal that would make Chilli’s blush, how can he say no? Fast forward, lots of terrible things went down in the process and while he did come out being borderline immortal, he’s also completely hideous. Now he’s on a man-hunt for the guy who did this to him and make him return his face to his former, frothing goodness. Now normally I would do this spoiler filled because we’re all nerds here (except the little lady reading this review right now, you know who you are[hah 4th wall’ing it]). But I’m here for those who are not sure and want another humble opinion, so here it is.

deadpool-gallery-05 (1)
Best Couple

Deadpool is awesome…If you know what you’re getting into. It’s a blast and even if you’ve read his comics like I have you may still be put back when the gore on the comics are brought to real life. Some parts got to me but that’s one of the hurdles whenever transferring from toon to reality. Deadpool is really nice and accommodating for those unfamiliar with his books. He tells his origin sufficiently and we get a sense of him on many layers which is something even the books rarely do. Now as far the violence is concerned, Deadpool becomes a lot less suave for those unaware of his work. Ryan takes that R-rated violence and gives it to you…lube or not (sorry his humor is contagious). Regarding the comedy, they make full use of the R rating as well by not holding any punches. TJ Miller playing Weasel, Deadpool’s best friend works perfectly with Reynolds as it seems they have the same type of humor. There are scenes where they just bouncing off each other with no script and its still funny. One of the main themes of Deadpool is his fourth wall breaking by talking to the readers. He does the same here and is very self aware of him being in a movie. I’m sure there’s about a hundreds Easter eggs and call outs to Reynolds past bad movies, the studio Fox and superhero movies in general.

Eggnog with DP and Weasel

Funny enough, even though I love the movie there isn’t much to say about it on a reviewing level. It’s a “Imma get you sucka” type of plot, but its filled with so much goodness you just sit back and enjoy the crazy ride. I said it before in my last post, “dark” does have to come with a Instagram filter. Deadpool is very dark, the stuff that happened to him and the torturing is all pretty grizzly. We move on to show color and surprisingly the best chemistry between to lovers in comic movie history.

Cue the music

The side characters were awesome, I thought Colossus and his protegee were cameos in the movie. No no, they stick around a bit and when I think back to the movie as a whole, we needed them to balance out DP’s craziness. I very much so prefer this Colossus over Bryan Singer one but in all honestly, Singer didn’t care about him to begin so it wasn’t that hard.I really enjoyed (time for some copy-and-paste) Negasonic-Teenage-Warhead, she was cute and had great lines. Now I didn’t get too much from the villain, Ajax nor his main henchwoman Stardust(insert obligatory female wrestler who CANNOT ACT…like at all) but they are there to push and finish the plot so I didn’t need them to be well fleshed out.

So people, here’s the deal and why I’m so impressed with this movie:

Wolverine Origins Budget – $150 million

Green Lantern Budget – $200 million

X-men 3 Budget – $168 million

All of Marvel’s phase 1 movies (excluding Avengers)- $140 to $160 million

Deadpool’s budget was about $58 million!  This team  took that cash, then spent it the most efficient way they could. I understand they could have cut back on the CGI for Colossus but they wanted him to be huge like he is in the comics so I get that. These guys focused on choreography, they focused on humor and making all the characters believable. They made me feel sorry for Ryan Reynolds! When he receives the news about the cancer he has this scene later on where it’s like “wow, you’re more than just jokester, you’re human and I’m feeling for you”. I’m sure Fox was like, “Fine! You can make your little pet project movie, here’s 50 mill, I’m sure you can make a good movie with that amount..pffffftt…GOOD LUCK, pwah whah whah!”

Okay I’m exaggerating, bottom line is the movie is freaking amazing and offensive and fun! GO see it if you’re not too high brow for clever low brow; you will laugh hard.I look forward to the next installment.

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