Daredevil Episode 3-4 Recap

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Okay so episode 3 comes along and boy does this episode do it for me! We found Daredevil being snagged and chained on a roof in a very hospitable way considering Mr.P’s usual course of action. I love this version of Frank Castle! It opened with such a personal gem of mine when Daredevil asks, “Why didn’t you remove my mask?”

He replies, “Don’t give a shit about who you are.” Continue reading “Daredevil Episode 3-4 Recap”

Daredevil Episode 1-2 Recap

Alright kiddies, let’s talk Daredevil Season 2: The first 2 episodes

[SPOILERS] Starting with episode One!

So we rejoin Matty still saving the streets of Hell’s Kitchen with his slowly-growing-on-me outfit. After he saves a girl by approaching an armed man head on in a dark church… because you know, cant use darkness to your advantage- but anyway he saves her and we jump back into the dude brothers, Foggy and Matt. I gotta be honest, the trailer made Foggy  seem much more like an annoying punk-boy than he is in the actual show. They’ve come to an understanding, and while Foggy does protest against his friend fighting crime he does it in more realistic way. Their firm is still broke because innocent people are pretty much akin to broke people and no one can provide suitable payment for the Nelson & Murdock services. I enjoy a hero show where there isn’t just an stupid amount of resources and money at the  group’s disposal (ie. The Flash and Arrow) but when Matt Murdock responds to their situation, “We’ll manage, I don’t know how, but I know we will.” No one stopped him and said, “Really nigga?”

Best buddies once again! Kinda.

The Punisher is introduced with an off-screen barrage of bullets and shredding of gangster’s bodies. I found the scene a little hard to believe unless the Punisher was using some automatic turret that we had no idea about. Anyway this incident forces us to endure some guy whose name already escapes me, but I’ll call him Slimy Mc’Sweaty. He seeks out the law firm’s help and wants out before the Punisher comes for him. Foggy then teams up with a more bigger firm to get this done. This forces us to – again – endure hanging around ummm, let’s say…Cindy Ms.Cunt, who for all purposes is set to be a douchete because I imagine it will play a part later on the show.

Now similar to those TV shows I mentioned earlier, there is at least the glorified thirsty female protagonist and Karen is kickin that into high gear. I wonder if she thinks since he’s blind, he then wont notice the punticular lack of booty she has, but whatever. Oh I know it’s not a big point but they got this generic “angry black commissioner” type guy who just is always angry and I find so terribly funny every time has line, because its some of the most over-the-top inappropriate lines, I’m surprised no one is asking, “Are you real?” I’m glad the other black guy is actually doing well so far.

2016-03-18 (30).png
Electra, the hottest killer alive. Claire, a super fine nurse who keeps it real… And you want to ship this?


Any-who Mc’Sweaty is in the hospital, but Mr.P is coming for him…I mean like with a shotgun, no mask, blasting throughout the hospital! HOW HAS NO ONE BEEN ABLE TO ID THIS MAN!? Anyway just as he’s about to get the kill Matt jumps in and they fight, it was odd because I feel like if its a matter of hand to hand combat, the Punisher shouldn’t be able to even touch Matt but maybe that’s just how good he is. However we do see that unarmed, he begins to lose the fight, that’s until he pulls out a baby pistol and tags Matt in head. Luckily the mask saved him but man how odd would that have been if he was still in his black tights days. Punisher – 1, Daredevil – 0

2016-03-18 (35).png
Shane IS now MR.P!

Episode 2 gives me a little more sympathy for Foggy, I mean he held his boy in his arms pretty sure he was dead so man… I hate to admit I get him. Their exchange felt real and I understand why Foggy is getting fed up with Matt and his B.S. CW “I NEED TO DO IT ALL” attitude. This episode was a little slower, especially hearing Karen’s annoying voice whine about how they all created the Punisher. Then what vigilante created Daredevil, did I mention I hate that chick’s voice. Did I mention she’s thirsty?  Another character I’m enjoying is the guy who made Matt’s suit, I think he’s soft in the head but then he says some smart things, either way I’m enjoying him this season as well. So back to the ever so boring, side-plot(I’m sorry am I the only who doesn’t care what happens to this guy), Cindy Ms Cunt tricks Mc’Sweaty into being bait for  Mr.P, that doesn’t go well for her. DareDevil shows up and they fight again while being shot at by several cops. I mean really? Is this fight really worth the gamble of a random head-shot? After the fight ends Foggy frantically runs out to check on the scene in such an obviously caring manner that his running should just leave a cartoon smoke streak that form the words, “Matt is the Daredevil”. He gets the last visible area only to find both of them are gone!

The two episodes are a nice start I found Ep.2 to be a little lackluster but wait til we get into part 3 and 4!  P.S – What was up the hilarious scene when Matt lost his senses!? I know the inaudible screaming and banging was supposed to be emotional but I couldn’t stop laughing. Okay I’m done!

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Batman V Superman: One week away and I’m kind of excited

So we all know the movie is coming out soon- like next week soon, so I’ll make this short and sweet with my final thoughts and predictions after seeing the last trailer.

Before that, I must say, I find it rather amusing how this movie has been kinda sucking publicity-wise with its trailers, that it took so long for it to excite me. The last trailer opened with Batman jumping beating down some fools in the most Batman-ish way to date, well live action that is. It showed us what MANY of us wanted to see, and that was Batman NOT being a little punk for the entire trailer! I mean look back at all these previous trailers and they’re pretty much saying, “Look how uncool this guy is”. Not only have shown several clips of Superman merely playing around with him but there was vital scene that really bothered me. It was scene where Batman’s car bounces off Superman’s body Mario-Kart style(which is embarrassing enough) but then gives that “Do you bleed” question while facing Clark’s back. Then after Superman gives him the “B**** Please” look,

Nigga? Really?

he leaves so Batman can finish his epic threat to…. the sky. It just made Bats look so weak and pitiful and maybe that was the intention because…. mission accomplished.

This trailer showed what Batman excels at and how formidable he is overall. All we needed to see was that Batman has even a slight chance against Superman. That what’s non comic nerds want to see, they want to see how in the world could Batman even come close to the Man of Steel. While that should have BEEN the major focal point, we now know they’re gonna buddy up and fight Doomsday based on the last trailer (still salty about that one). Personally, I just want to see the conclusion of their conflict and I can leave the movie once DD shows up. I want to see their opposing beliefs, I want to see them make their stance and I want to see them clash! I want to hear that iconic speech Batman gives Superman at the end of their fight. Now the last scene of the trailer showing Bats blocking Supe’s punch to show us that “Hey, this fight will not be so one-sided okay”?!

I’m excited for Wonder woman even though her solo movie clips looks horrible but I did enjoy the ONE LINE SHE (FINALLY) SPOKE!!! I think BvS shot themselves in the DoomsDay reveal, this trailer is a nice redemption and I will be there opening day for the movie. I’have close to no doubt that movie will be good, yet I’m aware there is a high chance that it can go real south at any wrong turn. My predictions are it will be a C+ but I’ll let you all know when I watch it.

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