Daredevil Episode 3-4 Recap

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Sorry for the delay, got wrapped up in the series, but now we’re going for it!

Okay so episode 3 comes along and boy does this episode do it for me! We found Daredevil being snagged and chained on a roof in a very hospitable way considering Mr.P’s usual course of action. I love this version of Frank Castle! It opened with such a personal gem of mine when Daredevil asks, “Why didn’t you remove my mask?”

He replies, “Don’t give a shit about who you are.”

It sets the tone that this guy is not just an old jarhead. In fact– Can I dwindle on this scene a little bit? I’m assuming you all said fine:


2016-03-22 (1)
Let’s talk Red..

I enjoyed the first interweaving of their meeting, at first you have the two feeling each other out. Frank is very quiet, responding every few sentences, making sure not to be lead by Daredevil. Now mind you I’m the kind of guy who enjoyed the HBO series “In Treatment” and that was my “Game Of Thrones” before Game Of of Thrones. Anyway I enjoy dialogue a lot and specifically the subtlety of it. I enjoyed how the scene told us so much about Frank that we later learn as the show goes on. For one thing, he shuts down any empty empathetic line that DD he could use.

“Oh, for crying out loud. So, you charge by the hour doc, or what?” – Frank Castle

Mr.P calls Daredevil out on all his arguments and he tests the weight of his resolve. You have a man who wont kill because he feels he does not have the right to take a life; then you have a man who does not hesitate to kill whom he considers evil. So when the latter needs to be stopped and cannot be knocked out what do you do? This seems to be the underlining theme in this season as it keeps getting brought up. I can go on for a whole page on how I loved their talk but lets move on. So after Mr.P pulls Mc.Sweaty out of literally NOWHERE, he gives him a choice; kill Mr.P or he will kill Mc’Sweaty. Of course DD refused to shoot anyone and ended up getting Mc’Sweaty killed (Oh nooooo!). Let’s have a pause of silence for Mc’Swe-

2016-03-22 (7).png
These men were owned by the HandGun Of Doom

After that Mr.P decides now is a good time to blow up a rivaling gang from the same roof. Now this introduces us to the first (yes I said first) epic hallway fight scene! Now prior to this fight, Mr.P taped a gun to DD’s hand in order to see if he would shoot him. So in order to escape, DD must fight the entire gang with his right hand holding some mystical pistol that must have been forged  by Hephaestus. I say this because he smashed so many faces in with that gun and it did not bend. The tape was also laced with adamantium because it too did not budge, I’m pretty that was the most powerful weapon in the MCU! I really enjoyed the long shot for the entire fight, it was well done and grizzly; now I know he talks about not taking live but I know someone in that fight died or will be a vegetable afterwards but ya know…. Justice is served.

In episode 4, we’re shown some scene with this Irish boss coming back into town due his son’s death..We’re gonna call him St.PissAnt- anyway after the father does a pretty cold and real eulogy about Mc’Sweaty , the boss manages to corner Mr.P.and snatch him up. Turns out Mr.P took a briefcase of money from PissAnt, so we get to see some nice rated R torture and boy it made me bit squeamish. Mr.P manages to get free, then frggin blasts St.PissAnt in the face and we see the guts and all pop off his face! Now they escape and we approach the end in the graveyard… Sigh….

2016-03-22 (16).png
The Feels Scene

This scene… where Jon Bernthal, not Mr.P this time, no… We’re going to call him by his name, because the scene Bernthal gives is noteworthy. He tugs the heart strings as he describes the moment he reunited with his daughter. He goes into telling the story of how he got complacent after the war and he goes into horrific detail about when he held his dead daughter, whom face was unrecognizable after a gang shoot-out! He sheds his tears and opens us up to just how friggin much this girl was to him, she was his entire world, his every piece of humanity was all reserved inside his daughter! It was so powerful and I’ll say this right now, this was -in my opinion -the best acted scene of the entire season. Bravo Jon Bernthal, not only did you arrive and become one of the most interesting aspects of this season and now you’ve captured our hearts(at least mine). Okay he’s back to being Mr.P now.

2016-03-22 (20).png
Best Cray Girl


Lastly we end the episode with a super cheap attempt to ship the whole Matt and please-die-and-become-a-vampire Karen relationship. It fails to move me and to be honest I cant stand looking at her attempting to be sexy…. Did I mention she gets on my nerves? Did I mention she’s thirsty? Matt comes home and the show ends with the sexiest voice of the season. Elodie Yung enters in as Elektra and she could not have looked any more beautiful! I mean goodness, she just—  Anyway last note to consider, Matt can hear noises from down streets yet it took him nearly 15 seconds just to catch on the she was sitting on his couch. That alone got me psyched because clearly she is trained enough be silent and ninja-like! Alright expect 5-6 recap soon! It wont be this long I’m sure.

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