Valerian: The Movie of a Thousand Possibilities

Alright let’s talk Valerian,

Here it is right here!

No, we’re talking about the movie, not the comic. Oh what’s that? You didn’t know it was based on a comic? Well take that bit of fun fact to your next trivia night with your friends right after you finish playing the Switch. I say that because you wont notice too much of anything that screams “comic book” at you during the movie. Continue reading “Valerian: The Movie of a Thousand Possibilities”

We’re Back! Again!?

Hey readers,

So it’s been a long time. I found myself separated from writing for a good portion of this year ( lets say all of it). I’m back with a new direction on where I want to take my writing. Truthfully I was not quite excited with what I wrote despite it being part of my beloved geek-culture. I will be changing my format from a “review” stance per-see to more of an critical thinking format. I enjoy writing as if I’m talking and I believe that will make my style my own so I can fully transition into a hobby feeling like a job that it’s a chore to wake up to. I have that already, haha!

So let’s rev up that engine again! So let’s sink or swim! 3.0 shall begin!