Thor Ragnarok: Fresh but Still Familiar (For the Good and Bad)

Hey everyone, so let’s Talk Thor! By the way, this is not a review…Just a talk:

I saw the movie yesterday and I didn’t want to write about it right when I got home because I was sprung off the sugar-like high of being in a theater full of fans. I will say I thoroughly enjoyed Thor and thought it was incredibly funny. Normally all the jokes that were put in Civil War, Avengers 2 and so on never hit with me. More often than not I would recognize that a joke was made but then just pray they moved pass it, which they usually do.Even Guardians of the Galaxy 2, which is supposedly Marvel’s “funny, funny guy” had a lot more misses than hits for me. Thank goodness people like Bautista made a lot of his comedy feel just organically awkward.


Thor Ragnarok gave me a jolt of something that I have forgotten in superhero movies and reminded also of its worst symptoms. One has to understand that this movie is a COMEDY movie with a side order of action. It uses beautiful imagery and bright colors to be eye-candy of course but to also remind others that this is overall a light-hearted movie despite the stakes.

This was so heavily influenced that characters that are meant to be scary and menacing are either quippy or downright childish. Despite this, Thor feels so refreshing because I forgot I was watching a superhero movie! I was too busy laughing and enjoying myself to question any of the nonsense because as a movie viewer, I was having a good time. And when I thought the movie had already played its card, it hands out these honest sentimental moments that just felt real. Afterwards, it would go back into the humor because the movie isn’t here for your tears.


So lets take a quick trip back to Captain America: Civil War, everyone talks about the airplane scene but I remember moments like Tony’s outbursts in frustration with lines like, “Give me a break!” when he is visibly conflicted on trying to deal with Steve Rogers on a matter where he feels he’s in the right. I also recall the line where he strips away his hero tendencies and goes for blood after saying, “I don’t care, he killed my mom.” Thor and Loki share a couple of moments like these where if not heartfelt, you believed these two guys are brothers regardless of how they ended up. Thor, a man whose been boring or boring and cocky shows many layers of himself. He’s not a gentleman at all but he isn’t a complete jerk. He’s a fool and a brute but he does learn from his mistakes. At the height of all the comedy, this movie had a sense of adventure! Oh yes! Guardians are not the only people who can spend a majority of the movie off earth! I forgot! When thinking back to Guardians 2, honestly most of the places they visited felt like backdrops rather than an actual location. After visiting Sacar and seeing more locations of Asgard, it surprisingly made the Marvel Universe look bigger than Guardians ever did to me.

Jeff Goldblum Was at His Best in Awhile

Now about that “worst” part of superhero movies I mentioned earlier. So Ragnarok is an event where a lot of people die, that’s about as much as I’ll say in case you haven’t seen the movie. That being said, the threat is not a simple takeover but a possible, utter, destruction… OF EVERYTHING! However, with the stakes so high and with the lives of Thor’s friends on the line, the movie uses this event to make the most jokey Marvel movie ever and they don’t mesh well when you sit down to think about it. To be fair, serious Thor does not do well in theaters and in a sense they had to do this but I think Marvel and other superhero movies have gotten too comfortable with the idea of the heroes and their gang standing on top of a hill while the city, continent, or world is in rubble all around them.

Hella was strong and sexy!

Then to twist the knife, they leave on a joke of some kind and we laugh forgetting the thousands of lives that are dead. You may not be able to save everyone when the world is in danger but you sure as hell shouldn’t be free from the weight of their losses. A hero is there to save people and when he intends to save a 1 million but manages to only save half of them, that should stick with him/her, even if a little. This is why Wonder Woman still embodies what our heroes should be aiming to get back to. I miss the times when after a city is destroyed, we don’t just kiss the girl, smile for the camera and grab some shawarma.

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