Why Justice League Was Okay… And That’s Not Okay

So Let’s Talk “Justice League” The Movie

Have you ever seen a group of siblings all varying in personalities? Most of them seem to be spoiled apples but then there’s that one kid who exceeds all expectations and goes forth to not only avoid the same path but create a greater, more amazing legacy of its own? Well, now we know who that sibling is in the DC family… Well, it’s still Wonder Woman but Justice League did manage to come behind and be a serviceable movie, nothing more. And… That’s kind of a problem.

This may prove fatal to many who were hoping Justice League was the movie to put the DC Universe on the same playing field with Marvel Studios. Truthfully, I own more DC comics than Marvel so I do wish for DC to get on a stable path, they just can’t seem to find their formula. Keep in mind, being an okay/good movie is not bad, at least it wouldn’t be until you realized the movie had a $300 million dollar budget. That accompanied with the opening week of around $96 million, it then stars to become ugly. Several months ago predictions of the movie making $130 million were considered being pessimistic and now look at where we are.

The Team

The movie’s stitches were so visible that at points I would think, “Was something cut here”? Wonder Woman and Batman were easily the best part of the movie but we all predicted that. I’ve heard many reviewers and fans become attached to Aqua Man and Cyborg as well. “AquaBro” played by Jason Momoa was fun to watch but made it hard to believe that he could ever “rule” anything, especially in his upcoming movie. I’m surprised that Cyborg came off so charming, I give props to the actor, Ray Fisher because at no point did I feel like he was actually there with the team due to how fake his body looked. Cyborg had a nice development and I wanted his evolution to be paced better but I feel a lot of his stuff is on the cutting floor somewhere.

He’s cool when not making bad jokes

Also regarding Flash, I recall during Justice League’s re-shoots, people were saying “Oh man you’re gonna love Flash! He makes the movie!” Now while he was a nice variance to all the toughness, I kept hearing those painful Whedon jokes from him and to be clear I don’t find Whedon humor funny. Flash is likable but to me, he goes so far against any depiction of Barry Allen that it’s distracting (this is a nerd point though).  Batman and Wonder Woman again were amazing and they played off each other in the light-hearted moments as well as in the tense ones. To be honest my favorite part of the movie was an argument between the two.


“What are we gonna do Gal?” – “We’re gonna carry Ben.”


Justice League’s Mess of CG

If you read everything above this sentence then that is why the movie was just okay. Had it not been for the actors, the movie would be considered terrible! They kept this mess of “crash pacing and editing” from being a total failure. The trailers tried too hard to paint the movie as an “Epic” rather than a movie people should see. To be honest, you don’t get too excited for the movie unless you’ve been waiting for it already. If we break back to Thor: Ragnarok, the trailers give you these money shots that you think, “Man I really want to see that!” There was never a trailer for Justice League, that did that for me so even I went in the movie uninformed and un-hyped. DC also needs to buy a C.G-O-Meter, something that can show the production team when the CG is in excess. Like in Batman Vs Superman (BVS), the screen is filled with paint cans of CG all doing jack to make you invested in it. The villain being a big CG monster was so bland, he might as well just been a bowl of badly textured grits that talks.


The movie tends to bring up plot points and names but they’re unceremoniously forgotten. This is odd because things are introduced that I, as a comic book fan would catch but anyone else would be lost. To have these ideas presented and never explored may make someone else feel like they missed something, it’s just stupid at times. Now for a quick spoiler… So you can leave now if you haven’t seen the movie yet, which I assume is quite a bit of people…. OKAY…..



The Last Son of Krypton… Should Be The Last

Superman comes back (OMG NO WAY!!) and he comes back angry. Now I’ll admit the fight scene that pitted him against the rest of the team was fun even if plot-wise, it was pointless. The only thing that we salvaged from his resurrection is that someone went up to the actor Henry Cavil and said, “If you could try being just a bit more human, that would be great.” So he smiles more now but he still stands like a wooden plank. He does angry Superman surprisingly well during their little scuffle. For a moment he was the scariest thing in the movie but his happy-go-lucky persona feels a bit forced but I hope he gets used to it, THEN we will have the Superman we’ve been waiting for.

Told you he was scary!

So It Was Okay… But That’s Not Okay

So, unfortunately, the movie was okay but the movie is still coming off a list of overall struggling movies aside from Wonder Woman. Maybe the general audience has labeled the DC movies as, “the boring ones” or “the really long ones,” and perhaps that label is hurting the one movie that was expected to be the best. Instead, we sit down and wonder how did DC’s “Avengers” manage to have the worst opening weekend so far in their Cinematic Universe….. It hurts…. Because somehow Suicide Squad made more…Let that sink in..Suicide Squad……. When that happens, DC it’s time….



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