New Venom Trailer: Digustingly Faithful

New Venom Trailer

Hey Everyone! This will be quick so let’s talk about the new interpretation of Spider-man’s arch-nemesis, Venom!


A Little Eddie Comic Lore

The trailer starts off painting Eddie Brock as a pretty stand-up guy. While Eddie was a bit twisted once he fused with the symbiote, beforehand he was on the verge of exposing a serial killer. Brock went ahead and published a piece on the killer’s identity, thus happy future! But when good ol’ Spidey ends up catching the real murderer, Eddie’s misinformation gets him fired, his wife leaves him, and his douche father ceases communication with him. So naturally, despite it not being Spiderman’s fault, Brock was heading into depression. After working out and trying to move forward, Spidey nevertheless became the source of this poor guy’s rage for all that has happened. Later on, Brock meets up with the symbiote, whom already garnered hatred for Peter Parker. It didn’t take long before these two become a match made in twisted matrimony!

This Brock is mentally stable… For now.

That’s Not My Brock

To be fair, I don’t recall much of pre-fallout Eddie Brock, therefore, while he doesn’t feel like the Brock we know, I can see it happening in this movie. Since Spiderman will not be in the movie, it seems Brock is gonna come into contact with the symbiote on his own. This will get him in trouble with some bad corporation dudes because why not. Therefore despite Eddie seeming very docile, I imagine he will need to rely on the symbiote to survive and over time, he begins to like the power.


I’m Sold

People may complain about the CG, but I like it just the way it is. The Symbiote is a liquid-like creature that can transform into nearly any shape. So when we finally see Venom’s face, it looks like “ink in motion” and yet solid – that’s how I always imagined he would look in real life. All I want from this movie is an Anti-Hero with a faithful interpretation of my favorite Spiderman character… And based on this small snippet, this is what I’m getting!  Buckle in, this may be the first amazing appearance of Venom on the big screen.


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