Domino Issue #1 Review

Domino – The Lucky Merc

So in light of the new upcoming Deadpool movie, I wanted to get more info and entertainment on of Deadpool’s best pal/enemy – Domino.

Character and Powers

Domino or Neena Thurman is a female mutant whom, as a child was part of another super soldier program (because those always go as well as it did for Cap. America) named Project Armageddon. The tests were trials were severe with only her surviving. She bore the mutant ability to subliminally affect things around her using her latent psionic power. So in short, she is very lucky!

What I like the most about this power is that cannot control it. This power radiates from her subconsciously and the only known trigger to activate it is when she is either stressed or in danger. There are countless outcomes working in her favor, for example, a gun may lock up or an enemy may trip and fall. It works actively in her favor as well, she can make nearly impossible shots, dodge things that usually require reflexes beyond her own, and overall get out of hairy situations SO LONG as she is trying to get away. If a boulder is falling on her head, her ability will not make the bolder suddenly fly in a different direction- it requires her to do the work and luck will be on her side.

Um… The Comic?

Ah yes, so with that out the way, moving unto Domino Issue #1.


The comic opened in a different tone than I was expecting. There have been many appearances by Domino in Deadpool and other Mutant comics but she does have mostly a badass approach. Here we see her already in her field of mercenary. She’s good at what she does but she’s ultimately not happy. Domino struggles with past memories often giving her headaches and considering her childhood I imagine some things just won’t go away peacefully.

I appreciate that the comic didn’t assume we knew everything about her. It sets up her powers and how they work via a slightly lazy exposition. To be fair, it’s not an easy power to express on paper. The world-building is already universal, meaning we see other X-men and even Deadpool himself in it.  The story sets up an unhappy, well-trained killer with good friends just getting through. It ramps up fairly quickly with the plot and the initial enemy that honestly gave me that “Oh shiz” cliffhanger.




It’s A Lucky Pick

NOW! I want to read Issue#2, and I suggest you all give Domino a chance! I will cover further comic series as I feel a blog about comic news SHOULD! Check it out, and let’s see how she compares when I review Deadpool 2 next week!

Until next time!

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