DeadPool 2 Review: More Misses Than Hits This Time Around

DeadPool 2

So let’s get into this! Ryan is back and bringing us another dose of that underdog franchise that grew to become the monster it is today. I just think it may have missed me with its sequel. Coming from someone who loved the first one, this is bit disheartening but nonetheless, hear out my less-than-stellar reception of the movie.

The thing is, DeadPool 2 is like the previous movie but doubled down. It heavily depends on jokes that, to me, were either recycled or went on too long. This often left me waiting for a funny moment rather than being bombarded by them.

The Plotz – Super Duper Thin

DeadPool back in the scene, now being an official merc once more. He still has the love of his life and she plants the mental seed in him, that maybe he should plant his physical seed in her. He’s down for a family and ready to become a father but plot kicks in with Cable, a soldier from the future with a metal arm, to come and kill an adolescent mutant. DeadPool, whose still high off “fathership,” decides to help this kid. So he rustles up a team to go and save him!

“A super-duper fucking group”

There isn’t much to say about the plot. It’s so bare-bone and full of holes that DeadPool himself points it out. Now you’d think because the movie is aware of this, proven by the infamous line, “Well that’s just bad writing,” that I would forgive the movie… Yeah I can’t. Just like the last movie, some things didn’t make sense but the last movie had a better transition from one scene to another. Overall it seemed like the movie sacrificed story structure for comedy and honestly, you don’t need to pick one or the other.

The Comedy – Lot Of Chuckles, Few Laughs

The humor, DeadPool’s selling point, was a bit lacking for me this time around. Most of my laughs were from the visual sight gags and amazing cameos. If the comedy doesn’t work for you, then the movie doesn’t either. There isn’t enough at stake with an immortal wise-cracking killer to fear for him. To be honest, I’m not sure if we’re all that invested in his love life as well. The rapid-fire jokes that were prevalent from Ryan Reynolds (DeadPool) and T.J. Miller (Mouse), often fell flat for me. The situational humor is till impressively funny, this is where their jokes shine.

Still from Deadpool 2. Photo: Courtesy Twentieth Century Fox/Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Character Round-Up

Reynolds is still doing his thing but just slightly less funny. The same goes for Miller, except he got a lot less funny. Josh Brolin as Cable, was cool but absurdly one note. I know he plays the straight man in the comics but they need to have a synergy or chemistry for that to work. Domino was honestly the best addition to the DeadPool-Verse because I enjoyed her attitude and action scenes! Dupinder is a good example of something working so well before but becomes a chore with more screen time. Negasonic Teenage Warhead had nothing to say or do other than date an recurring joke. Lastly, Julian Dennison who plays the kid is just… annoying. Colossus actually improved for me in this movie as he the most heartfelt character in the movie. I’m sure I have a pet-peeve for obnoxious children in movies, but I didn’t care about him and he didn’t help me warm up to him.




Deadpool did it first, Domino!

Mostly Meh, Otherwise Good

The action and visual humor kept the movie entertaining! There were a lot of referenced jokes that- while I understood them – were already becoming tired. In short it was a fun movie but there were noticeable gaps where I wasn’t laughing nor being invested. Instead I was waiting on the next moment to get me back in the movie. Lastly, the credits scene was one of the funniest parts of the movie, do not miss it!

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