10 Changes Luke Cage 2 Needs (Netflix Marvel Series)

10 Changes Luke Cage 2 Needs

With the new season around the corner, I had mostly lukewarm(HAH!) feelings about the show. It was an average show with amazing moments in it. Personally, I believe there are some things that need to handle in order for the season to be great! Here’s my list and let me know you agree or disagree with it!

10. An Active Luke Cage


Last season, Luke was too focused on enjoying that barber chair. He also dawdled back and forth between interfering with the crimes in Harlem. Basically, it took him too long for him to start actively being a hero. Now that his whole uncertainty arc is over, the show needs to start with a definitive hero.

9. One Clear Defining Antagonist


The biggest upset to me was losing Cottonmouth and him being replaced with Moira. Not only was he an excellent actor with an interesting past but he also respected the rules of Harlem. When I accepted that we’re stuck with Moira, Diamondback, the hammy prophet, took over out of nowhere. Let Bushmaster be the lead villain and let Moira be sprinkled throughout the season, no more bait-and-switches!

8. Another Great Soundtrack

That new Luke Joint Son!

To me, music is one of the most defying things about Luke Cage. In fact, aside from Jessica Jones’ intro, I don’t recall any music from the other Netflix Marvel Shows. This is their ring, and they should own it. Get those licenses and pay some talented artists to make a legit song for this season.

7. Sense of Danger

His face Photoshops hands

I know its hard to make a bullet-proof powerhouse be in danger, but I hope Marvel finds away. There is a strong balance they must walk: We don’t Luke going through bad guys for several episodes nor do we want him de-powered for some arbitrary reason either. It’s tough especially with a limited danger but I think they can do it, tactfully.

6. Progressing Story

In case you’re wondering, I’m still reading.

As I mentioned before, Luke sitting on the barber chair went on for too long. The show also invested a lot of time in his flashbacks which did very little to endear us to him. His scene with Jessica Jones after finding out that she killed his wife(by mind control) did so much more than all the flashbacks combined. Push Luke’s story further, have him learn and grow from his trials in season two.

5. A HINT of Iron Fist

“You better not mess up my show”

Now if you read my meager impressions of Iron fist, you’ll know that I borderline hate Danny –The-Man-rock-the-Band- Rand. However, my favorite story with Luke Cage is when he’s working on a team. I do love the chemistry between the two in the comics. I hope we get some moments of them together but I’m aware that wherever Danny -My-hair-Can-Stand Rand stays too long, the show begins to nosedive.

4. A DASH of Misty Knight

She looks more tired than angry, while her arm looks more plastic than metal.

I say a “dash” because I enjoyed her in season one. She adopted a more, “whatever it takes,” attitude to fighting crime and this fits in well with her new cybernetic arm. I hope she turns down her angst levels, and share a few good moments with Luke. Afterward, she needs to leave, still best girl second only to Jessica.

3. Less Claire, More Jessica

“Maybe you can be miiine again! Maybe we could make that dream for real, like way back when..”

Speaking of Jessica, we need to see more of her. Aside from the purple man’s great scenes, when Luke and Jess are in a scene together, it just works! They didn’t speak much in Defenders which was odd, but I hope they erase all the awkwardness between and try their relationship out again. Claire, I love you for being the Nick Fury of this team, but you either go back to Daredevil or just try being single for a bit.

2. Better Choreography

Y’all ready to tightwire these guys to death?

This needs to happen! When you have a super-powered man whose main perk is being strong, you need to have fight scenes that showcase that in a cool way. Season one, Luke never looked cool fighting and often made the fights just a bore. Maybe Daredevil can teach him some moves?

1. A Hero For Hire

“I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man.”

I want Luke to open his business as a hero for hire. I know this will probably not happen since the comic Luke was more about treating his super-heroism as a business rather than a lifestyle. The Netflix Luke Cage seems much more altruistic and selfless. I like a hero with a bit of gray in their moral code but to each their own. Either way, this time we should see all of what Mr.Cage can do, and I’m excited to see it.

Are you excited for Luke Cage season two? Yes? No? Let me know in the comments below!

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