Happy Negative Marriage (Ongoing Manga)

The Trueness of Acceptance

Well, it’s only my second manga review and it’s already about to get weird. So let’s delve into a manga of lust, impulsion, desperation, and hopefully love. Happy Negative Marriage (or HNM) is a romance/smut novel addressing some issues that I hardly see explored. Now because I believe many non-regulars may come to like this one I’ll try to avoid spoilers. I haven’t been able to find the books in English so the only way to support the guy is by buying books you cant read. Moving on!

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Sun-Ken Rock

Sun-Ken Rock, the Adult Shounen

Rags To Riches

Now, this manga has a very comedic beginning and while it may very realistic, albeit, perfectly sculpted anatomy. The story starts as the world’s beefiest bum, living in the ghetto with a nice crew of neighbors. He was living a pretty uneventful life until the local ramen shop was roughed up by some yakuza. To everyone’s surprise, this NEET is absurdly strong and adept at fighting. He dispatches the goons and gained the attention of another gang. This gang gives him the vision to create a gang like no other. In truth, the protagonist doesn’t wish for fame nor power but as he puts, “I just want to protect someone!” The gang uses his bland desire to coerce him into not only joining the gang… but becoming the gang leader, Boss Ken.

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