First 8 – “I Want Your Mother To Be With Me!”

Age is Just A Number

Greetings! Here, we take a look at an ongoing Manga do it cant be called a review but more of a first impression.  I often randomly bump across strange mangas by just looking at the covers. I’m usually attracted to sci-fi but character-driven stories always grab me no matter the genre. This brings us to a not-my-speed manga called, “I Want Your Mother To Be With Me!” or, “Kimi no Okasan o Boku Ni Kudasai!”

The story involves a college student, Ryo working part-time and his co-worker Yuzuki, a single mother. Ryo is enchanted by Yuzuki’s beauty, personality, and demeanor. His co-workers tried to prevent him from getting ahead of himself to an oddly severe degree but it’s too late. He gathers the courage to courage to ask her out.


I’ll save the conclusion to that for those who want to read. The important part is that this story is about adulthood and the different intimacy levels of it. An adult living with parents, or one living on his/her own, or one with a child – these variations can all work but in most cases, priorities vary. Yuzuki lives alone with her son but she is seen needing to rely on her father at times. She has her qualms with relying on anyone, which many can empathize with. Ryo has been only focused on working and school, so the desire to be someone who can assist Yuzuki and her son, leads him to consider many things he normally would not.


Eventually, he does interact with her son and it always gets her in the soft-heartened mood. She feels insecure about being older, and questions what he can contribute to the family. To be fair that’s a very real concern, even so through their interactions she’s found that his support and company provide a strength she hasn’t considered. Their interactions seem to lack responsibility at times but honestly, it’s pretty human. Sometimes the most practical decisions can unknowingly bare impractical benefits. There is no “right” answer and I love that.


So far things are looking good, and I look forward to the development of their relationship. Let me know if decide to read it or where to find it.


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