Taiga Of Genesis – (Ongoing Manga)

We’re All Cavemen Now

Taiga of Genesis (Sousei No Taiga) of  is survival manga involving a group of students being transported seemingly back a million years in the Cenozoic era. Here, these students must quickly adapt to this world where mammoths roam and predators are abundant. Is the cast knowledge from modern world and benefit for them or a hindrance? Mori Kouji, the author, does well to place the reader on foot with the group of capable students.



Now our protagonist, Taiga, is the where the story gets even more profound. We don’t get too much backstory on Taiga, but just enough to know what kind of person was. He has a sense of unresponsiveness to most of the things in his life, which is relatable on a personal level. It wasn’t until he began to bask in this prehistoric world that he felt something awaken in him. Without spoiling, we see how all the students adapt to the situation. Some cope pretty well while others cannot adjust to a world where survival is all that matters. A lot of the story work is done through his thoughts, we read his what he’s thinking in the heat of these moments. Overcoming, striving, learning, these moments peel back another layer of Taiga and his companions.

Cave Paintings


This art has a lightly-detailed and lankly design for the humans. The creatures and world however, are very detailed. If you had to choose between the two to put more time into, the world and animals makes more sense. Instead of drawing overly-dramatic expressions, the artist emphasizes on crucial moments by giving Taiga animalistic expressions. Also, this manga doesn’t shy away from blood and death, hardly anything is free.



I recommend this manga if you love a good survival story, but even more so, a look into the primordial part of humanity that has long faded away. The manga has it’s issues, mainly that Taiga gets over a lot of hurdles rather quickly with the help of the writer. It’s not quite the level of shounen, but he does exert himself to an extreme degree. Even then, I have to ask, how much of that is unrealistic? What would our bodies do in a situation like that? Imbue us with additional power and speed to survive, or would it shut down, and leave us helpless to die?  In Taiga’s case, there is only one option.

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