“Maou Ni Natta Node Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume To Honobono Suru” (Ongoing Manga)

A Second Life

So, allow me to recommend title: “Maou Ni Natta Node, Dungeon Tsukutte Jingai Musume To Honobono Suru”. Translated, the title is, “I became the demon lord so I created a dungeon and spend a heartwarming time there with non-human girls”. So, ridiculous name aside, this is a another Isekai manga (expect to see a lot more) involving a young man named Yuki, being transported into another world after his death. Now part of a world of magic and fantastical creatures, he has decided on one monumental dream: To live a peaceful life with the different people he cares for! However, despite his unobtrusive desires, there will always be something to thwart his plans.

The Demon and His Ladies


So our protagonist wakes up in a new world after his death, to realize that he is a demon lord. Now before you raise your crucifixes, in most of these Japanese mangas, the title, “demon lord” is more of a race like goblins or ogres. It doesn’t hold the same meaning as the demons we know from the Bible. As soon as he gets his barrings, he comes across a female dragon with a sweet tooth. Insteadof destroying Yuki, the dragons decides to live with him. They form an odd companionship, and along the way, meet a young vampire girl. These three slowly began to form a bond stronger than anything Yuki had in his previous life.

Easygoing Fantasy


The manga is mostly of Yuki learning how the world works. He’s also has to come to terms that he is no longer human. Despite his lack of humanity, Lefi, the dragon and Iruna, the vampire both give him provide that same kinship. This is important because with him being a demon lord, the race comes with  an innate aggressive temperament. As they continue to live together you can see both Yuki and Lefi change. Their character development is sometimes abrupt, then again, perfectly paced.

Relax With The Characters


This is a light-hearted manga filled with its occasional violence, balancing both fairly smoothly. However the characters will grow on you as each have their hardships before we meet them. 32 chapters in and we’re now just starting to set upon the second arc of the manga thus far. While I do enjoy the moments of peace with these characters, its only when they face adversity that we see the best moments this story has to offer. Its sweet, its simple and its worth a read for those who don’t mind a bit slower pace in their Isekai.

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