Monster Girl Doctor : Episodes 1-3 (Ongoing Anime)

Monster Monosume, But With Doctors

Oh boy, I guess this would have happened eventually on here. So, allow me get this out of the way first, this is a genius anime concept covered by dirt and mud. As harsh as that may sound, I’ve read this before and enjoyed the premise then. It was still an ecchi(perverted) manga but it added a few more nuggets that were left out of the anime when going over the anatomy of each monster girl. So, let’s take a look into the adventures of Dr.Glenn, the human and Dr.Saphentite, lamia.

Fanservice Over Biology

I’m sad to say, one thing both the manga and anime share is its reliance on fanserivce. The idea of having a detailed and well thought out blueprint for all these fantasy species is fascinating. How would treating a person that’s half a spider work? How about a person formed together by several different bodies? The premise, as I said, is brimming with potential. In the end, however, it’s overshadowed by the sexual overtones throughout Dr. Glenn’s adventure. This is just how these odd subject anime shows go, and I don’t necessarily hate it. Would Food Wars have been as popular if voluptuous women didn’t burst out of their clothes when they ate an amazing dish? Maybe, but writers and authors would rather not test it out. It’s always safer to put boobs in anything, it will provide an overall positive effect, I’m not above this basic law of nature. I would point out that the show does provide a fair amount of wholesome moments, but that makes the lewd transitions even more striking.

The Doctor Couple

Aww, this is nice

I’m enjoying the relationship between Glenn and Saphee, to an extent. While they have some nice moments together, Saphee’s desire to be Glenn’s lover becomes annoying due to her jealously spiking nearly every chance she gets. Glenn is also annoying in this aspect, as he should establish that when they’re working, to knock it off. When the two are alone and she’s not freaking out, they do have this wholesome vibe that makes this odd inter-species relationship somewhat plausible. It seems that with each woman the doctor heals, they become infatuated with him, but it’s all window dressing. If there is supposed to be a romantic ending it will be Saphee.

Overall, a Mixed Speci– I mean Bag

If you don’t mind the awkward moaning during most the examinations, there’s a decent anime here. It is well written thus far and the chance of seeing some of my favorite fantasy races is what keeps the manga on my list (slimes or zombies). Nearly everyone is likable enough to not be hated so it’s a harmless watch. I would appreciate if they would show visuals of the monster girls’ skeleton to see how the body all works, but I could be asking for a lot. Would I recommend it? Not really, unless the person is well familiar with ecchi anime, and if that’s the case they should just watch Ishuzoku Reviewers, which gives much more fanservice. In fact, now that I think about it, Ishuzoku Reviewers does everything this anime does better – stronger lewdness and a better variety of species that shows how their bodies work. If you’re not already initiated, then I suggest you skip both and watch Team Medical Dragon if you have an anime doctor itch. If you’re an ecchi connoisseur, this is another flavor that won’t hurt tasting.

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