The Unexplored Complexity of Peter Grill’s Betrayals

No sympathy for the unfaithful

I find the behavior of Peter interesting because it’s possible that the comedy anime is going for a deep ending. For those unaware, PETER GRILL AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S TIME is anime/manga that follows the worlds strongest man whom is being chased by a slew of very determined women, to get his seed. In his first interaction with two lovely ogres, they constantly pressure him for his seed in order to birth the strongest ogre. He finally gives in to their advances, beginning his descent into darkness.

His second interaction was with a elf who placed a curse on his privates, which was basically rape. The other main women he meets later on are mostly due to his unfaithful nature.

Excluding the elf, Peter is constantly choosing to sleep with these aggressive women, while being engaged to Luvelia. I re-watched all their scenes together and it seems the one thing that is lacking is the physical intimacy. The one chance they had to share such a moment was when Peter was under a curse and couldn’t. Otherwise, Luvelia is so innocent and sheltered by her bloodthirsty father, she knows nothing about sexual intercourse. So allow me to state the reason behind why Peter is a trashy cheater of a man: He does not truly love Luvelia, but he loves the idea that she represents.

Peter and Luvelia

A woman who is strong, but not battle-crazy… A woman who sweet and nurturing… A woman who is pure and thoughtful… A woman who composed and will never embarrass you… Luvelia is “ideal woman,” and this is why she is often framed in his mind as almost a deity or sacred being. Every moment they’re together is cascaded in a glistening border as if it was a dream. He chases these moments to bask in her perfect aura, and that’s where he SHOULD be, in his mind.

a path he COULD not say no to

It wasn’t until a certain chapter in the manga – Minor Spoilers – Lisa gives him a series of questions that he could not answer. This is one of the few times where she is framed composed, serious, and determined outside of wanting sex. She asks him if what he’s chasing is true happiness. Is the “ideal woman,” what he truly wants? is being the son-in-law of a murderous man really a future worth enduring? Is the thought that he could be happier with another woman really so far-fetched? His lack of resolve was confirmed when he could not give her a reply.

Lisa proves she’s much smarter than she lets on

That scene ends with Peter truly unsure what true happiness is… Oh well! Since this is a comedy manga, this crucial point in his character was forgotten in the following chapters. Whoops! It’s a shame because the joke is running out of steam and some character progression would be nice. Honestly, these women should have be pregnant by now but the joke must continue so time stands still in this manga until it’s ready to end. This was the best moment in the series as it becomes self aware. These hints points me to the idea the author is planning to give a deeper meaning to Peter’s cheating besides, “I just cant keep it in my pants” but I doubt we’ll see anything of the sort any time soon. Either way, Luvelia deserves better.

Thanks for reading, and let me know what you think!

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