Redo Of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi) Episode 1

Already hoping for a Redo

Well, I didn’t expect the best first impression, but gee-golly I was sure expecting something more. Let me prefix this by saying, I had a hard time writing about this first episode of Redo a Healer. I was first confused by the underwhelming animation, thinking perhaps my stream was buffering or something. Then I was taken back by how the anime chose to set up it’s first episode. By not embellishing in the protagonist’s mistreatment, it loses a good amount of investment from the viewers. In the manga it did the same somewhat, but when you have the freedom of animation, use it to your advantage!

Redo of Censorship

As Barbosa once said, “I feel nothing”

The censoring was laughable as I expected, it’s pointless to even consider watching this censored. This series is doing one of three things, monologuing, gory violence, or explicit sexual scenes. Meaning most likely one-third of the show will be free of these uncreative black coverups. Luckily I found the uncensored version and while it was more watchable, it only showed more of the animation, which ….. well…..

Redo of Animation


The studio, TNK, is familiar with drawing naked ladies, but I have yet to see them attempt anything as dark as this series. I would assume they took the job for the apparent harem aspect of the anime, rather than the dark revenge side. The manga had the benefit of a rough but detailed art style, and constant flashbacks of his experiences to keep the readers with him. Often there would be scenes where its just a still image being panned over, sometimes, it does doesn’t even pan. I mainly kept noticing how flat everyone looked, volume was almost entirely absent from characters unless up-close, and then, sometimes they were still flat. I won’t beat a dead horse any further (until episode two) but needless to say, this project had a very small budget or very small effort.

REdo of first impression

Just a taste of hope

In the anime Keyaru get’s addicted to this elixir which turns him into a junkie, willing to do anything for another hit. Too bad the anime didn’t really set up one for us, it ended on a whimper of a note with Keyaru being labeled as useless. A more fitting first episode ending would be for to be in his lowest state, with a hint of redemption. I’m sure, similar to the manga, the fanservice will guide most to the main event of the story, but again, the fanservice is as steamy as drawing hentai using MS Paint.

Just Redo it


So there you have it… I will continue to follow this anime in hopes that it improves. I have little faith in it but who knows? I apologize if I seem too hard on the anime but I cant find literally anything redeeming aside from the voice actors doing a serviceable job. A friend of mine thought of it as just a inoffensive, average anime. Consider it one of the projects that help fund a bigger project for the studio. Maybe he’s right.

Let’s see what episode 2 brings us next time.

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