Redo Of Healer (Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi) Episode 2

Well… Um….That was Intense

I mean, I gave it such a terrible review…

I mean… What I just saw…. I mean…..Damn.

Forgive me for my lack of words, but I just finished watching episode 2 of Redo A Healer. I was in the middle of writing a review for Jobless Reincarnation but the moment this episode started going, I was glued to the screen. I have to say, nearly everything I complained about in the first episode was addressed here. This should have been how the series started. Now that the anime has shown just what kind of show we’re dealing with. Let’s begin! Oh before that, this episode and review speaks on very atrocious acts, so be forewarned.

The Real First Episode

Seeing where this episode started allowed me somewhat appreciate the ending of the first episode slightly more. I criticized the previous episode for not expounding on Keyaru’s hellish days. Well, that was surely rectified in this one! We spent a good amount of time seeing the drug-obsessed Keyaru during those six months. It also hits harder considering that this happened for much, much longer in his first life. Seeing him being raped and beaten with a blank expression is almost too real, relating to what really happens to people who are drugged and then raped in real life. Keyaru sacrificed so much and so often, for the sake of others selfish gain. Well done anime, this is what the viewers needed to see to feel that same sense of hatred as he did.

The Voice of Hero

This poor guy had a very rough start

Now let’s just get to the most powerful scene of the show: The revenge. I would be hard-pressed to find a more uncomfortable scene in anime in the past five years. Something as simple as breaking fingers filled me with such grim, I’m impressed. I read the manga, I knew what was going to happen and how it was going to happen. But wow, this is a prime example of what the power of animation and voice acting can do. Even though I knew exactly what was going to happen, the voice actress who voiced Flare, Ayano Shibuya, gave such a staggering performance, I felt uneasy. Her screams of pain, her crying, her begging, and her voice of desperation.. all. So. Damn. Powerful! She made the scene what it was, and her career will skyrocket from here, hopefully into more than just torture rolls.

The R-Word…..Redo


The rape scene was rough to watch and hear but the worst of it had passed. If you managed to sympathize with Keyaru enough to feel some catharsis after all of this, then you are ready for a great ride. If you’re disgusted and mentally disturbed by it, then now may be a good time to leave. I imagine most are in the middle: not rooting for Keyaru, but still curious to see how far will he go to get revenge. I expect this will the guilty pleasure of this season. You dont want ot admit you watch but you do, it’s anime you never recommended but will still follow. I have mixed feelings about this series however I had to applaud this episode for invoking such a reaction from a jaded viewer such as myself.

The animation itself is still terrible and I suspect that wont change. However, episode two has addressed all of my narrative concerns. This is a terrible anime, no arguments about that, but at least it’s a competent, terrible anime. I suspect this to be the shocking sensation that it was meant to be.

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