Jobless Reincarnation (Mushoku Tensei) Episodes 1-3

THe Isekai The Reforms

So let’s take a reprieve from the depraved and talk about a series that holds a special place to my often tattered heart. I present to you all, Jobless Reincarnation, also known as Mushoku Tensei. To me, this story has something special for every disillusioned or depressed person out there. It touches on new beginnings and overcoming past traumas. This story helped me through a tough time in my life and I’m glad that the author finally received an anime adaptation. So what happens when a NEET is hit by truck and presumed dead? You guessed it, it’s a another Isekai folks!

Started From The Bottom

Mushoku Tensei is a strange beast, providing a strong start to a fleshed out fantasy, while following a morally questionable protagonist. The first three episodes are being used to world build and bond with the characters. Everyone except for the maid, currently have a variety of emotions, personalities and quirks. It’s actually a bit hard to talk about the anime because while we are getting a lot of explanations, nothing truly of substance is happening. I do think Rudeus is a great character but it’s hard to see it from just these episodes. The 3nd episode is the best thus far as we see our hero break through one of traumas. We don’t get a full flashback but it’s easy to empathize what the scar left on his mind. I will speak on the two lives of Rudeus on a later post.

In the Village

The Quality Does Dip Pretty Harshly At Times

The art is beautiful, while I can tell it isn’t of the highest quality, great detail is taken into account whenever magic is used. We’ve seen a taste of nearly all elements aside from electricity in a low-level form. I look forward to seeing some of the high-tier magic animated. Perhaps the anime is using a low budget more intelligently, spending three episodes in the one location is quite clever. There’s nothing standout about the animation as of yet, but there are plenty of expositions to make the magic believable. 

High hopes for the future

To be honest, if I hadn’t read the manga, and just saw this anime, I would be mildly interested in the series so far. If you recall my old post on God Of Highschool, I spoke about how the anime felt so rushed and jarring, it became distracting. Here this anime MAY suffer from the opposite issue if the call-to-action doesn’t happen by episode four. The anime is filled with wonder, magic, warmth and a little bit of weird (looking at you Roxy peeping on parents scene), but overall it’s creating a strong foundation for a Isekai epic!

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