The Last Exorcist -Ender Geister (Ongoing)

A beuatifully Possesed Gem

While there may be a plethora of dumpster-fire manga that I sift through daily, nothing quite beats that moment when you come across something that lights up your eyes and hooks you. For me, it may have been Sun-Ken Rock, Yuyu-Hakusho, or something like Dandadan. Today, however, I wish to share with you my most recent fix, Ender Geister. It’s Blue Exorcist meets Cowboy Bebop; has a nice ring to that sting.

Rush Story

The story is your average shounen fair, the author wastes no time getting you involved in the action. The manga opens up with a clearly demonic figure killing a group of soldiers. The context is near non-existent, but that’s okay, it was merely there to introduce our protagonist, Akira. He was in a very unique predicament that should have killed him, but instead, he’s been gifted with extraordinary powers. Now, with the help of his lovely master, he’s been trained to be an exceptional exorcist. “And here… we… Go!”

SMokin’ Sketches

Ender Geister is a phenomenal splash of art, style, and pop culture. It’s a Tarantino-esque manga, filled with all the tropes you love and enjoy. The story has such a, “roll with it” type of pacing and it works for me. We’re introduced to our hero, followed by action, given more characters and backstory, then followed by action. It gives you just what you need to not be lost and then jumps right back into the action and pop-culture references. There is very little fat in these chapters.

Art is this manga’s strongest asset. Now this art is… Like… damn. It’s something to admire, not only is nearly ever male and female in perfect health and blessed with the best genes, but they’re all heart-throbbers. Eye candy for everyone! Aside from that, the action is well-choreographed, Geyster enjoys their blow-for-blow panels. Similar to what One-Punch executed well was showing their readers and good play-by-play of a fight. There are some characters clearly designed to be parodies of famous celebrities, the most prominent one being, Clint Eastwood. They look awfully uncanny valley-ish but it’s never too distracting.

The manga is also not shy about nudity or gore,

Characters OF The Dead

Every Shounen needs a Hollow mode

When it comes to the characters, Geister tends to be a bit disappointing. One major flaw in writing about ongoing manga is that these problems can be resolved in later chapters – here’s hoping. As of now, our protagonists were given their respective flashbacks, which still leaves a lot of questions. Our hero’s main goal – finding his master – seems like a side quest right now. I can tell that the author doesn’t want to push the main plot too much, but rather takes his time dwelling in action and style. Based on what I’ve seen, I don’t expect these characters to have any heavy emotional scenes. The author doesn’t seem keen on even attempting to do so, which, again, is fine.

high Lighter

The old crew, we don’t talk much about them.

I’m not above a little brainless fun, so I’m here for the ride. Geister is a fun roller coaster so far. I enjoy reading it and following our heroes as they fight to survive. Everything is exaggerated, everything is sexy, and everything is stylish as hell. The only weakness I foresee is if the series indulges too much or too little into what it’s good at. Either way, consider this a recommendation.

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