Ready Player One: It’s A Small Sandbox

You see this sexy looking movie in the arcade, so of course you put your hard coins into Ready Player One, so what happens? Well, the movie start this movie off with a short hint of world-building, our protagonist¬†Wade Watts, the new member of Hot-losers-Who-Would-Still-Get-Tail-In-Real-Life league, summarizes our world. So basically in the not too distant future*wink*, the world basically sucks and the only solace is the VR game world called The Oasis. So essentially all the mistakes we made to our economy and the world is booming down on us, so the world then decides to lock itself up in a game….¬†hmmm fair enough, sounds like a gamer. Now the Steve Jobs of the gaming dies leaving a hunt for tons of money and the control of the game. Simple! In fact, it’s strangely simple with little to replace it with.

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Why Street Fighter V is not sitting well with me…

Sigh….I didn’t want to do this but…

Here we go.

So I’ve been playing Street Fighter V for a while since it’s second week of release and player a bit of the beta as well. I have to start by saying I’m loving the game! I’m not as fast a learner as others so even now, I’m still trying to play with SFIV logic at times and just get my face smashed in, but I love the journey of learning this game. Now I’m just climbing the ladder in rank mode, sometimes having winning streaks until I get to that inevitable ceiling for rooks like me to get wrecked every other game. As I’m playing gleefully as can be I… cant shake this unsettling feeling. Continue reading “Why Street Fighter V is not sitting well with me…”