Why The Godlike Avengers Are Being Outshined by Street Heroes Like Daredevil

Hey remember the early 2012, where the roars of nerds could shatter glasses? Those were the days when the comic movies were expanding, exploding and evolving into something that isn’t just for a certain demographic. We witnessed them as it reached mass appeal and without being completely aware of it, we were in the midst of a movie-genre renaissance. Then the Avengers arrived, for the first time daring to combine characters from separate movies all to form the ultimate team up experience! And it did not disappoint! Continue reading “Why The Godlike Avengers Are Being Outshined by Street Heroes Like Daredevil”

Dragonball Z – Resurrection of F : Movie Review

Hey everyone! So let’s talk Dragonball Z : Resurrection of F,

This movie is the second installment of the Dragonball Z “revival” since its predecessor, “Battle of The Gods”. For those who want my thoughts on that movie, I’ll tell you right now…Meh. Moving on!

Funny enough when I started watching this I was really into it. Resurrection of F was confronting all the things that I hated about the Dragonball series since the Cell Saga Continue reading “Dragonball Z – Resurrection of F : Movie Review”

No Escape : Movie Review.

So, let’s talk “No Escape”

The movie here starts off with Jack Dwyer, a businessman hoping for another chance at a better life played by the well-loved Owen Wilson. Now he’s accompanied by his family of two daughters and wife, Annie Dwyer played by Lake Bell. They move to Southeast Asia due to an opportunity that Wilson’s character cannot pass up. They arrive, they try to get settled in and just as everything was getting a little less crappy… Bam! A revolution breaks out with a surge of common folk and workers going on a rampage. From here on the family has to escape Southeast Asia and then…well that’s it! Continue reading “No Escape : Movie Review.”